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Seven years a sailor How to "Join the Navy and see the world"
One kid grows up Surviving the great depression, dust storms, the polio epidemic, and childhood through the 30's and 40's is a surprising accomplishment
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The American dream and its detractors For those who want to get ahead in America, many papers offer evidence the dream is still alive.  When the Monkey does data, light comes from darkness across many aspects of living.  Read and apply with care. 
Flavors of rehabilitation When helping disabled civilians become productive, the gremlins may come out of the woodwork.
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Liberal letters When liberals write letters for all to see the signs of dysfunction suggest an antidote
Obama's goose After America elects its first half-black president, his papers are graded by an old academic

Grandpa's experience baby sitting with his infant grandson

                                                        On following instructions
Ignoring the ancient wisdom about sleeping babies, I, grandpa,  awakened a newborn for his four-hour bottle.  I was greeted by an angry beast who screamed at the top of his lungs for 45 minutes, forcing me to rewrite some of the basics about sleeping babies:
A. John Locke was dead wrong.  Sleeping babies are not blank sheets of paper on which anything may be written, at least for 45 minutes.
B. What is already written on the paper, you may not want to hear.
C. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Don't even think about it. 
D. New instructions: Let sleeping babies wake up on their own.